Samurai Helmet and Oni Mask

Self-designed. Made with brass and silver. Sawed pieced, silver-soldered to assemble. Bezel set black cabochan. Epoxy set eyes and nose.

Silver key with flawed Sapphire

Used lostwax casting to create self-designed key form. Hand-pulled silver wire and shaped, then assembled with silver solder for sapphire setting.

Silver chain and box clasp

Hand-pulled silver wire, cut jump rings and silver-soldered to join. Sawed silver sheet and assembled with silver solder for box clasp.

Brass and Copper box ring

Sawed brass and copper. Joined with silver solder.

Copper Amulet

Repoussaged original design into copper disc, using pitch pot and hand-made chasing tools.

Copper box clasp

Sawed copper sheet, then assembled with silver solder.

Brass Pins

Sawed brass sheet. Used repoussage techniques to raise pins. Attached brass pins with silver solder. Based on cosplay accessory concept.

Silver Sun Coin

Lost wax casting used to create form based on a video game item.